Putin visited the Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Kronstadt

Kronstadt. July 31. INTERFAX – Russian President Vladimir Putin in Day of the Navy in support of Patriarch Kirill and the Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu visited St. Nicholas naval Cathedral in Kronstadt consecrated in 2014.

“We thank everyone who participated in the revival of this Church, emphasizing its historical connection with the Orthodox culture,” the President said.

The head of state venerated the relics of Admiral Fyodor Ushakov and the Apostle Andrew the first-called, and spoke with the sailors of the Baltic fleet.

At the end of your stay in Kronshtadt, the President was shown a carpet taken more than a century ago by the wives of the sailors who died in defense of the homeland.

In his sermon after the divine Liturgy in the Naval Cathedral, Patriarch Kirill said that a society can reconcile unity and freedom through faith.

“The combination of unity and freedom in the first place is realized through our faith. You can get lost in philosophical concepts, various political-philosophical doctrines, but if we know exactly what we need from God, no propaganda, no other views will not be able to undermine the genuine unity of our people,” he said.

Earlier in the Naval Cathedral was brought relics of St. Admiral Fyodor Ushakov from the monastery in Mordovia, as well as the hand of the Apostle Andrew from the Epiphany Cathedral of Moscow. The Patriarch after the Liturgy, blessed the personnel of the Russian fleet before the relics of the patron Saint of seafarers, noting that the life of Admiral Ushakov is an example of monastic humility.

“The invincibility of the Russian fleet, led by Admiral Ushakov, the man who all his hope, his hope in God was placed in this deep faith was raised Russian Navy, this is a special contribution to the creation of the Navy of Russia and the consolidation of power. He lived like a monk all that had been given to the Navy, the Motherland and the Church,” said the Primate.