Palestinian negotiator: US encourages Israel’s policy of apartheid

GAS, 2 Jun — RIA Novosti. Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Oreikat said that the absence of the US support the principle of “two States for two peoples” and response to settlement activity encourages Israel to conduct a policy of apartheid.

Words Arakata become rare public criticism of the Palestinian leadership of the administration of Donald trump, who after winning the presidential elections, has promised to tackle the settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and bring the parties to peace.

“The lack of a clear Declaration by the U.S. that the final goal of the peace process is the implementation of the principle of two States within the 1967 borders, and the silence to revitalize the Israeli colonial settlement activities is interpreted by Israeli government as an opportunity to destroy bigoudene decision,” — said in a statement Arakata.

Instead, Israel has focused on building a one state with two systems, he said, calling such a scenario apartheid.

The middle East peace process trump instructed his son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner. On the eve of the American media have published an audio recording, secretly made during his meeting with the trainees of Congress. It is heard that Kushner recognizes that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict may not have a solution.

“We’re thinking, what is the correct end result, and very quiet trying to work with the parties to see whether there is a solution. The solution may not be, but it’s one of those issues on which the President asked us to focus” — quoted Kouchner American press.