On the eve of the post of Russia’s chief Rabbi called on Jews not to grieve in vain, and to work to overcome difficulties

Moscow. July 31. INTERFAX – Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar on the eve of fasting in memory of the destruction of the First and Second temples in Jerusalem reminded the believers about the dangers of despair and called on Jews to unite.

“From the sad news you can grieve and you can cry – but not to give up! No sorrow should not prevent us to think about what we need to do to improve the situation, to solve problems, to overcome difficulties,” he said in his address to the Jewish community of Russia on Monday evening.

The Rabbi recalled that the destruction of the temple was due to “causeless hatred” and strife within the Jewish people. “When we will be able to throw off the remnants of that feeling when we’re truly United, will be the Third temple, and it will be even better than the previous two,” – says Lazar.

He urged fellow believers to pray for the gift of strength and wisdom, “to climb to a new level, to create conditions for the restoration of the temple.”

The ninth day of the Jewish month of AV, which this year falls on August 1, a traditional day of mourning and fasting to commemorate the destruction of the First and Second temples in Jerusalem. In the synagogues, in the evening after evening prayers, read the book “Lamentations”.