In Australia prevented the impending terrorist attack on the plane

MOSCOW, 30 Jul — RIA Novosti. The Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull announced the disclosure of a terrorist plot to destroy aircraft, reports AFP.

“I can report that last night hosted a major anti-terrorist operation to disrupt a terrorist plot whose goal was the collapse of the plane,” he told reporters.

According to the policy, during raids in Sydney has been arrested four people. At all airports in Australia were introduced additional security measures, he added. According to Turnbull, the possible attack could hardly have been planned as a suicide solo.

It is clarified that the attackers had planned to blow up a plane with an improvised device. While the exact information from the authorities about international or domestic flight was the intended target of the attack, yet. Meanwhile, the edition of the Daily Telegraph writes that the terrorists planned to attack it on the domestic flight.

As reported by police Commissioner Andrew Colvin, the detained men believed to be linked to a conspiracy “motivated by Islam”. He added that law enforcement authorities do not yet have “a large amount of data about a specific attack, the place, date and time”, and the investigation is likely to be “long and slow”.