In the United States proposed to ban redcloak to stay in hotels trump

WASHINGTON, 25 Jul — RIA Novosti, Alexei Bogdanovsky. Congressman don Beyer on Monday proposed to ban Federal employees from staying at hotels trump taxpayers ‘ money during the trips.

“Congressman don Beyer, Democrat from Virginia, introduced in Congress four amendments intended to forbid the Federal government to rent rooms in hotels under the trump brand for official travel and thereby to prevent Donald Trump rich at the expense of taxpayers,” — said in a press release published on the website of the Congressman.

Bayer said that trump could not dissociate themselves from their many assets, and that between the trump Organization and the White house, in his opinion, the links persist. Democrat Bayer hopes that his proposals will be able to hold in the form of amendments to the law on the financing of the Pentagon and the us Department of veterans Affairs. In the U.S. Congress common practice, when amendments to the act do not relate to the topic directly. What are the prospects introduced by Bayer of the amendments is unclear.

Trump until the election of the President of the United States was known primarily as a businessman and showman. His business conglomerate owns a variety of hotels, casinos, Golf clubs and other properties. A number of hotels under the trump brand doesn’t belong to him and use the name of the current President of the United States on the rights of the franchise.

Trump after the election announced that it conveys your business in the hands of the sons, but refused to sell his company. For that, trump criticized opposition Democrats, who see in the actions of trump conflicts of interest.

The US Federal government to spend $ 9 billion annually on travel and related expenses. The government is one of the most attractive clients for the hotel business. So, in the nation’s capital Washington, which is visited daily by thousands of civil servants, the Federal budget pays for rooms for business travelers on the basis of norms in 172-232 USD per night, depending on the time of year.