CNN reported about the possible resignation of Rex Tillerson

MOSCOW, 25 Jul — RIA Novosti. Secretary Rex Tillerson may prematurely leave his post because of disagreements with President Donald trump, says CNN, citing sources close to the entourage of the head of American diplomacy.

The TV channel reported that Tillerson has serious disagreements with the White house on issues on issues such as the development of dialogue with Iran and personnel policy within the Department. In addition, the Secretary of state called unprofessional latest public statements of the President to the head of the Ministry of justice Jeff and Roman sessions in which trump expressed regret about the appointment and Roman sessions at the head office.

Sources said that earlier in conversations with close friends Tillerson said that he could leave the post until the end of the year, as he was very disappointed with the work as the head of foreign policy Department of the USA.

However, before leaving, sources of stress, Tillerson intend to reorganize the state Department. In his opinion, the office is no discipline, and members of the diplomatic structure to shy away from making decisions.

Tillerson has become the 69th U.S. Secretary of state, succeeding John Kerry.