The President of Moldova approved the law on mixed electoral system

CHISINAU, July 20 – RIA Novosti. The President of Moldova Igor Dodon has approved on Thursday the law on mixed electoral system.

Earlier Thursday, the Parliament of Moldova approved the transition to the mixed electoral system.

“A few minutes ago promulgated (adopted – amended) the law on the transition to the mixed electoral system. Congratulations on this event to all citizens of Moldova. I am sure that a new page in the modern history of Moldova. We will continue to work to achieve all our stated goals,” wrote an announcement on his official page in social network Facebook.

The law will finally come into force after publication in the Official Gazette of the government (Official Gazette).

During the voting the Parliament passed two meetings — one in support of electoral reform and the other against. A rally in support of reform was peaceful and ended some time after the adoption of the law. Opponents of the introduction of the mixed system after the picket the Parliament moved to the building of the presidential administration, accusing the head of the Republic allegedly in cahoots with the Democratic party. They demanded that the President never claimed approved by the Parliament of the transition to the mixed election system. The protesters dispersed, but not before it was announced that they intend to continue the protest Friday afternoon in front of the presidential administration.

Earlier, parliamentary elections in Moldova were held on one national electoral district in which 101 deputies shall be elected. Of the democratic party in Moldova, the largest in Parliament, said the proposal to change the election Code and move to single-member districts. However, the socialist leader, who was elected President was the head of the Party of socialists, proposed to move to a mixed system when half of the deputies selected under party lists and the other in single-mandate constituencies. Parliament eventually took as the basis of mixed voting system, which insisted the opposition.