The Polish community has restored Soviet monument in działdowo

MOSCOW, 22 Jul — RIA Novosti. The Polish public organization “Kursk” restored the desecrated monument on the fraternal grave of Soviet soldiers in the city of dziaÅ‚dowo in the North of the country, was reported in the Facebook head of the organization hedgehogs Pow.

“Today the community of “Kursk” has updated desecrated a mass grave of Soviet soldiers in dziaÅ‚dowo. Since the previous repair (2015) grave was desecrated three times. At last the desecration was stolen by the star mounted in the top of the monument. The police did not detain anyone. After our intervention the object again looks good: back star, we painted the whole monument, built again, torn metal candle holder, put things in order around,” said Pow.

He recalled that during the Second world war, the Germans were in the city from 1939 to 1944. On the territory was organized by the działdowo concentration camp, which, according to some, killed more than 20 thousand poles, including priests. Victims of the Nazis buried in the same cemetery, and that the Soviet military to commemorate their memory a monument.

“The inscription on the monument clearly indicates, when the destruction of the poles and when it ended. The end of German crimes against the Polish population began in 1944, when it was the Soviet army. Society Dzialdowo described his gratitude at the table placed on the main monument, standing at the grave. How to explain the behaviour of the poles, destroying the Soviet tomb? I can’t find a rational answer. I can only assure you that if you do not take lessons from a lecture that provides the history, history repeats itself,” concluded Tyts.