First same-sex marriage, the Anglican church in the united KINGDOM, which will take place this summer

The first same-sex marriage, the Anglican church in the UK is expected to take place in Glasgow later this summer.

The Cathedral of sainte-Marie became the first in the country to obtain permission to conduct gay marriages, a month after the Episcopal church of scotland, the general synod has voted overwhelmingly to allow its churches to host the ceremonies.

The vote resulted in the canon law be changed to remove a doctrinal clause stipulating that marriage is between a man and a woman. Thursday, the Rev Kelvin Holdsworth, provost of st Mary, became the first Anglican celebrant be registered to perform same-sex marriages.

Holdsworth, said the cathedral had already had a booking from a same-sex couple in England, who cannot marry in their Church of England parish. “We are pleased to be able to accommodate them and that there will be many others that will follow,” he said.

The congregation of sainte-Marie have been active in the campaign to allow gay marriage in Scotland. “I am a gay man myself, and so initially, for me, it was get out, get out, he was on the way to help the church to come,” said Holdsworth.

“The church has always been a place that has been good for me when I’m out. It has been a great support, and I felt it was important to make the church to tell the truth that he was ready to receive on people in same-sex relations and then, gradually, the members of this congregation has begun to help the push for gay marriage.”

Holdsworth said, the cathedral is one of the most beautiful church buildings in the country and that the surrounding area has been “buzzing”. “This is a fantastic place to get married,” he says.

Following the vote in June, bishop Andy Lines of Gafcon, which represents conservative Anglicans in the world, said at a press conference that the church was “not at liberty to tamper with [God’s] words” and that it would be ready to offer support to those “who want to maintain the authority of the Bible”.

In spite of the opposition within the Anglican church in the Scottish decision, Holdsworth said that he had encountered no opposition to this decision of the local community. “People sometimes say that the support for gay marriage is the biggest change in social attitudes that has never been measured,” he said.

“People disagree with same-sex relationships strongly enough, and now they support them very strongly. All the time that we’ve been pushing for more and more equality, we were seeing people becoming more accepting.”

He said the move to allow same-sex couples to marry in the Scottish Anglican churches was important, not only for gays. “I think that there are a lot of straight guys who want to marry in the churches that practice equal,” he says. “I find that the more that I’m on equal rights for gay folk, the more I get young families to come here because they want their children to grow up in this kind of church.”