About half of Americans believe religious freedom is more important than sexual

Moscow. July 19. INTERFAX – Research center “LifeWay Research” published the results of a study of the views of Americans on the religious and sexual freedom.

It was found that during conflict situations 48% of respondents considered the more important religious freedom, 28% are unable to decide which freedoms are more important, and only 24% said that more important freedom of sexual expression, gives the results of the survey in a Wednesday newspaper “NG-Religion”.

On the question of choice what freedom – sexual or religious – is always more important, 31% of respondents said that it is always necessary to choose a religious, 17% believe that it should be selected in most cases 14% more likely to choose sexual freedom, and only 10% believe that the choice should be made always in her favor.

It was also found that men prefer sexual freedom (30%) than women (19%). Sexual freedom often prefer other persons 25-34 years (32%), rarely older than 65 years (20%) likely to choose religious freedom (56%), so do people 55-64 years (55%).

Religious freedom is more often chosen by African Americans (58%), followed by white (46%) and Hispanics (45%).

In conflict, sexual and religious freedoms of non-religious people prefer to make a choice in favor of a sexy (49%) of the representatives of the Christians of those 15%, of the followers of other religions – 28%. Most Christians (59%) in this conflict prefer religious freedom, as well as representatives of other religions (53%).

Christian religious freedom is more important for Protestants (68%) than for Catholics (49%). 19% of Catholics chose sexual freedom, Protestant 11%. When the researchers formulated the question: “What is always or in most cases more important – religious or sexual freedom?” the most adamant were the representatives of Evangelical beliefs (74%), choosing religious freedom.

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