The head of Karelia has promised to help in the construction of the old believers ‘ Church in Petrozavodsk

Petrozavodsk. The 4th of July. INTERFAX, Acting head of Karelia Arthur Parfenchikov has promised to help build in Petrozavodsk old Church.

As the press service of the head region, A. Parfenchikov was found on Tuesday with head of the Russian Orthodox old believers ‘ Church vитрополитом Cornelius, which is located in Karelia with official visit.

“History of the Russian North is closely connected with the history of the old believers, and the believers are the example of hard work, strong families, self-improvement, true faith. These qualities need to give our young people”, – said A. Parfenchikov.

The head of the Republic promised to assist the believers, including in repatriation from other countries, noting that such a practice already exists in the Eastern regions of Russia where created by the old believers ‘ village.

Metropolitan Cornelius A. Parfenchikov thanked for the assistance in allocation of land for the construction of a Church of 100 members.

It is assumed that the construction of the Church on a plot of 0.8 ha in the district Straw will be preceded by the construction of a parish center, a two – storey wooden house, which will house the Sunday school. The place was not chosen by chance – a sawmill built in Straw that is representative of the old believers merchant Gromov.

Old believer community was registered in the capital of Karelia in 2014.