Sociologists have identified the main cause of Brexit

LONDON, 28 Jun, RIA Novosti news Agency. British independent Agency for the study of public opinion NatCen in its annual report identified the main cause of dissatisfaction Brexit immigration policy of the UK; the study involved about 3 thousand people.

According to the report, 73% of citizens who are concerned about the migration process, that is, the influx of foreigners, voted in favor of a British exit from the European Union.

Also serious, according to the study, a reason to speak in favour of Brexit discontent was the British policy line. But since only 45% of those who trust the government, yet voted to secede from the European Union, this reason, sociologists have considered less than significant.

“A referendum on leaving the EU, therefore, can be characterized as a litmus test of the merits of the “EU project” and, possibly, globalization as a whole, rather than as a lightning rod for political dissatisfaction,” the researchers note.

According to the British national Bureau of statistics, as of December 2016 in the UK immigrated 588 thousand people, the majority of citizens come to the country to work. Most of the visitors are citizens of the European Union, and about 264 thousand people – slightly less than half are immigrants from other countries, a major percentage of whom are citizens of China and India.

It is known that for an exit from the EU voted 51,9% of Britons, that is, the preponderance of supporters of Brexit has a very small vote for keeping Britain in the EU — mostly young residents of big cities — began to Express their indignation and to go to demonstrations. Scotland and Northern Ireland almost entirely voted against Brexit. Prime Minister David Cameron was so shocked that, despite its promises in any case to stay at the head of the Cabinet, following the referendum, the day announced his intention to resign.Migrants in Europe: how and where to sail