Headstone close of Peter I was found at the walls of the Sretensky monastery in Moscow

Moscow. June 29. INTERFAX – On Bolshaya Lubyanka in Central Moscow archaeologists found an ancient tombstone of the seventeenth century, owned by the Anne of Rideway close to Czar Peter I, the website of the city hall on Thursday.

Slab of white limestone was discovered during the laying of water pipes and preparing for the accomplishment of the program “My street”. Plate saw in a trench dug along the wall of the Sretensky monastery. The size of the find is 68 by 68 cm, plate thickness – 10 cm.

“Discover painted gravestone of the time – a rarity. For a long time it was thought that they were all white just because unstable the paint is completely gone over time. Also, the artifact had traces of red paint, which painted the perimeter of the headstone. The exact composition of the paint, the scientists will be able to determine after we conduct chemical analysis,” – said the head of Moscow cultural heritage Department Alexey Emelyanov.

Found plate refers to the type of mortgage gravestones that were set in the wall of the temple at the place of burial or next to it. The inscription on it is made in bronnoy technique: raised letters carved in stone pathstroke script. The space between the letters covered with blue paint. The inscription is almost completely managed to recover: “the Summer of 1678 of October, the 31st day to the memory of the Holy apostles of the Stach and ample and others like them, the servant of God died there the boyar Prince Peter Prozorovsky wife’s Princess Anna (the cellar) on November 1st the day”.

A. Rtishchev was the representative of a noble boyar family. She married P. prozorovskii. Currently, her tombstone continue to study the experts. The stove can for the first time to show the townspeople at one of the exhibitions dedicated to the artifacts that were found in the framework of the program “My street”.