In the U.S. Congress introduced two anti-Russian bill

MOSCOW, 25 Jun — RIA Novosti. Member of the U.S. house of representatives from the Democratic party, Maxine waters introduced in Congress two bills aimed against Russia.

MP calls for freeze sanctions imposed by the previous presidential administration from-for situations in Ukraine and “intervention in election”, and to restrict access to Russian diplomatic property — the so-called suburban “summer cottages”, located in the States of new York and Maryland.

According to waters, the team of trump and “related person” — the former adviser to President Carter Paige and Michael Flynn, son-in-law Jared Kushner and head of Department Rex Tillerson — “inexplicably” is focused on the lifting of sanctions, despite the emergence of new information “about the extent of Russia’s attempts to undermine democracy” in the United States.

The bill on “Freezing of the act on sanctions against Russia” aims to prevent these “attempts” of the White house and involves the preservation of the restrictions as of 1 January 2017.

“The administration can hardly form a legislative agenda, however, it exhibits exceptional consistency in attempts to appease the (Vladimir) Putin. We should monitor this administration and since we can’t be sure that they will not remove or weaken the anti-Russian sanctions, requires strong measures,” — said in a statement Maxine waters.

The Deputy also drew attention to the material of the newspaper the Washington Post, which said about the intentions of the White house to return departmenet in the States of new York and Maryland in exchange for the resumption of the construction of the building of the American Consulate in St. Petersburg. In this respect, waters has proposed to Congress to consolidate the existing prohibition on the use of the property at the legislative level.

Earlier this year, Maxine waters introduced a bill prohibiting the administration of Donald trump to issue special licenses to companies involved in exploration and production of oil in Russia.

Last week the Senate by 98 votes to two approved new sanctions against Russia and Iran. According to the newspaper the Washingon Post, the trump administration opposes the provisions in the document, allowing the Senate to block the lifting of sanctions by the President. This item is regarded as infringement of the powers of the President.
The introduction of sanctions against Russia and retaliatory measures