WP learned about Obama’s plan to introduce “digital bomb” in Russian infrastructure

MOSCOW, June 23 — RIA Novosti. Former US President Barack Obama in 2016, has approved the deployment of cyber weapons systems of the Russian infrastructure, the Washington Post reported.

In the course of its investigation, the reporters found that this weapon is “the digital equivalent of a bomb” and can work in case of a critical deterioration of relations with Russia. The implication was that his startup needs to personally approve of the current President.

As told the newspaper one of the former U.S. officials, have developed weapons can disrupt the strategically important Russian networks. The technology was created by the national security Agency of the USA and can be used remotely.

According to the newspaper, the Obama administration chose a long time response to alleged “Russian interference” in the internal Affairs of the country, fearing that any sanctions will have the opposite effect. They also didn’t want to affect the outcome of the campaign and “dampen” expected victory for Clinton.

According to the Washington Post, the cyber operation is now at an early stage, since its development slowed down after the election of Donald Trapm President of the United States. At that time, officials have focused on the preparation of measures that will prevent the Trump to cancel the initiatives of the predecessor.

Earlier The New York Times reported that Obama has set a condition for the application of Washington’s cyberwar capabilities following the principle of “escalation dominance”. It was about a potential guaranteeing US the possibility to end the conflict on their own terms.

In addition, in the spring, the WikiLeaks website published secret CIA documents, which describe the tools for hacking into computers, mobile phones and televisions. According to him, the CIA used a set of secret tools. They include programs for hacking, viruses and malware, against which not yet developed protective mechanisms.
describe the tools for hacking, mobile phone and TV. RIA Novosti https://ria.ru/world/20170309/1489646893.html