Stephen king compared the tramp with the Dementors of the novels about Harry Potter

MOSCOW, June 16 — RIA Novosti. The famous writer Stephen king has compared US President Donald trump with impulsive teen, and also with the Dementors of the novels by JK Rowling about Harry Potter.

“Trump as President is impulsive and hot-tempered 15-year-old with a license to drive an 18-wheel truck,” wrote king in his microblog Twitter.

Earlier, the writer also responded to the publication of JK Rowling, who asked him the extent of their madness is happening in the United States on the scale of Annie Wilkes (the character of the novel king’s “misery” — ed.). “Well, I am not a fan of trump, so let’s not talk about Annie Wilkes. I think it has more something of a Dementor,” replied the writer.

This week Stephen king announced that trump put him in the “black list”, so now he can’t read the Twitter of the President.

King in may 2016 was one of the writers, signatories to online petition against the candidacy of trump for President of the United States. In may 2017, king said that access to trump’s “nuclear button” scarier than any horror film.