Patriarch Kirill believes that Russian Church launched an information campaign with the use of the missteps of the clergy

Moscow. June 16. INTERFAX – Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill is concerned about the growth of negative attitudes to the Church and considers it a result of the information campaign.

“Today, unfortunately, the youth we are seeing the growth of negative attitudes to the Church. This happens, of course, out of the blue, it happens under the influence of a strong and hostile to the Church information flow, which spreads via social networks”, – said the Patriarch, speaking on Friday in Moscow at a Church-scientific conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the era of persecution of the Russian Church.

According to him, in order to arouse negative feelings towards the Church, “is used all the same that was used in the late XIX – early XX century, and especially during the revolutionary years: some mistakes on the part of the clergy, negligence, manifestations unworthy of life.”

“The scale of the Church, these are isolated cases, but these isolated cases are thus illuminated to create an image of the Church, steeped in wealth, sin, indifference to the everyday struggles of people,” – said the Primate.

He is convinced that this is the case, “when any justification is counterproductive.”

“We should oppose this massive new anti-clerical, anti-religious propaganda our history, our martyrs and Confessors, to tell the contemporary people, as had been the spitting, the beating, the destruction of our Church on the eve of the revolutionary events, what are the myths used to discredit the Church, the Emperor, reigning dynasty, and thereby to undermine the foundations of the state system. And it was a success!” – stated the Patriarch.

“An amazing example of martyrdom is what our youth should know. On this background we have to talk about our hopes, dreams, goals our Church service”, he added.

Just at the moment in the Russian Church more than 1,760 people canonized martyrs and Confessors – those who suffered and died for the faith during the Soviet years.