Of Rayol will discuss with See the future of Moise Kean

Star football agent has arrived in Italy, where his main goal will be a conversation with the leadership of Milan to extend the contract of his agent of Gianluigi Donnarumma.

However, after meeting with the Rossoneri, Rioli must be a conversation about the new agreement one of his young client — Moise Kean. Recall that Keane became the first player born in 2000, who played in Serie A and href=”http://champions.football.ua/news/320496-kin-pervyjj-futbolist-rozhdennyjj-posle-2000-go-goda-kotoryjj-sygral-v-lch.html”.

18 years of age the player will turn in February 20018 year, so to officially sign a professional contract, the player has no right. But the leadership of the Old Lady wants to negotiate with his agent on signing the agreement, which will enter into force on the day of age of the player.

Last season Keane four times appeared on the field in the main team of Juventus. In total he played 24 minutes, but still managed to score a goal in Serie a match.