Booth can increase a prison sentence because of an interview with RT

WASHINGTON, 13 Dec — RIA Novosti. Against Russian businessman Viktor bout, who is serving a 25-year sentence in an American prison, opened disciplinary proceedings due to the fact that during an interview with RT, he spoke with a Russian journalist, which was not in the list of allowed contacts. About it RIA Novosti said the lawyer bout Alexey Tarasov.

The businessman, who was an American court convicted of the preparation of the conspiracy to murder American citizens, the material support terrorism and the sale of anti-aircraft missiles, in a telephone interview to RT at the beginning of may called the allegations “science fiction”.

“Against Viktor bout has opened disciplinary proceedings in connection with the fact that he gave an interview to RT, Murat Gajievo. The fact that the journalist did not appear in the list of valid contacts in the prison materials prison Marion. Victor was allowed to talk with another journalist of the same channel. Indeed, they first called her, but later through a tripartite telephone was connected to the Murat Gadziev that Booth and gave an interview,” — said the lawyer businessman.

According to him, all interviews were listened to and the prison authorities were aware of who Booth is talking and what this journalist is not in the list of allowed contacts. “Therefore, initiated disciplinary proceedings and it may in the case of recognition of Viktor bout guilty cause what can increase a prison sentence or even can bring him back in isolation,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

“Isolation is absolutely draconian measures of the content. Single camera and, of course, much less communication, less time in the fresh air and non-contact visits”, — said Tarasov.

According to him, they expected that the wife of booth, who hasn’t seen him since the end of the process will visit it. “For many years she did not see him. We were hoping they would see. But in isolation it is impossible,” said the lawyer.

“Of course, we will follow the course of this disciplinary process. If you follow the rules of prisoner litigation, the defendant attorney is not supposed to. When is a disciplinary hearing, the defendant comes back alone. The lawyer did not put there. Another thing, if it would be a clear violation of his rights would have consequences, of course, it will be possible to prepare an appeal to the regional office of the Bureau of prisons, and later in their headquarters in Washington. And if it came to nothing lead, then in Federal court,” he said.