Testimony of Komi live was watched by nearly 19.5 million people

WASHINGTON, 10 Aug – RIA Novosti. More than 19.5 million people watched the speech by the former head of the FBI James Komi in the Senate, which was broadcast live by leading American TV channels.

Earlier on Thursday, Komi, trump dismissed from his post on 9 may, spoke to the Senate foreign Affairs Committee. This was the first public performance of the Komi Republic after the President of the United States Donald trump fired him “because of the loss of confidence.”

As reported by marketing company Nielsen, the performance of the Komi Republic live watched 19.5 million viewers. Which lasted three hours the stream “interrogation”, the main theme of which were the meetings with the President of the Komi Republic and “Russia’s intervention in the elections” showed almost all the American cable channels: ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, MSNBC.

Data do not include spectators in clubs and restaurants to listen to the speech of Komi, as well as those who watched the speech via the Internet.

Despite the fact that the rating of the performances of the Komi Republic failed to surpass the popularity of the inauguration of Donald trump, which was watched by 30.6 million viewers, the media noted that for the morning-day of the broadcast the audience was quite impressive.

Among television viewers were distributed approximately equally most — 3.3 million people — watched ABC. CBS chose to 3.29 million, slightly more than 3 million chose Fox News and CNN.

Trump fired Komi Republic in may, saying that he is not able to perform their duties.

Komi was investigating the subject of the alleged “trump ties with Russia”, which deny as the White house and the Kremlin. While a defeated rival trump in the presidential elections 2016 Hillary Clinton also accused of Komi that he made her defeat, lacking confirmation to include information about the new investigation against Clinton 10 days before the election.