The survey showed how many seats in the Parliament will be able to Theresa may

MOSCOW, 7 Jun — RIA Novosti. The Prime Minister, Theresa may, could win a majority of seats in the British Parliament in the upcoming parliamentary elections, according to a survey commissioned by the British billionaire and the former Deputy Chairman of the ruling Conservative party, Michael Ashcroft.

According to a new survey, the forecast suggests that the conservatives can get the 357 seats in Parliament out of 650, reaching the necessary 326 seats to become the sole ruling party. According to a poll of 2 June, the ruling party claimed to 355 seats.

The results of the study are based on the developed YouGov national statistical models of elections. Data is updated daily with surveys, at least 5 thousand electors.

An extraordinary General election to the Parliament shall be held on the initiative of the conservative government. After citizens voted in a referendum for a British exit from the European Union, the Prime Minister decided that for the upcoming meetings in Brussels the need for unity in political London.
Parliamentary elections in the UK