The peak was again booed during the match against Spain

Bek Barcelona was forced to listen to the whistle from the stands in his address during the match Spain vs Colombia (2:2).

The attitude of the fans is connected with the political position of Gerard, openly advocating for the independence of Catalonia.

According to the player, the reaction of the fans provoked the journalists ‘ work.

“For a year you ask me about the same. Did you make this topic important,” began the lawyer.

“The fans stopped whistling to my address after the Euros, but now because of your people and the constant surveys they again took up the old”.

“I think all this is due to my position at the expense of the independence of Catalonia? They don’t like me because of my political beliefs? Have I ever openly told about this?”

“I have 20 times I answered all the questions about it. Look in the Newspapers,” said Peak.