Our it impossible to break: 7 dead and 20 wounded terrorists – new details about the attack of the enemy in the Sands

5 Jun terrorists “DNR” tried to attack the positions of AFU near the settlement of Pisky in Donetsk region. The attack involved terrorists from the 15th international brigade, which is more know as “Tag”.

Information about the terrorist attack said Yuri Kolesnikov, a veteran of anti-terrorist operation and military expert, said “Диалог.UA”.

The terrorists went on the attack on the position of the APU under the Sand, under the command of Abkhaz. This man is considered to be involved in the elimination of terrorist Arsen Pavlov Motorola in Donetsk.

The results of the attack were very poor for terrorists. Seven eliminated, and about twenty wounded is already confirmed figures. According to unconfirmed information, we are talking about 12 dead terrorists. “Our stuff is really broke,” summed up the results of the battle Kolesnikov.

Information about the terrorist attack on positions of the APU under the Sands is confirmed by the volunteer Ksenia Bykova.

Earlier “Диалог.UA” reported that soldiers of the APU osvoboditelnaya the occupied territory in Luhansk region, and in February, nelikvidov terrorist with the Callsign “Ivolga”.