Shevchenko: against Malta will give a chance to everyone, including the Linnet

According to Shevchenko, to the match against Malta actively preparing all of its exceptional players. The coach will attempt to involve all players, including Schalke midfielder Yevhen Konoplyanka, who seriously lacks match practice at the club.

“The team arrived, all fine, all healthy. We have several players who missed practice earlier, but now they are in the ranks. Because we will be preparing for the game against Malta”.

“It will be a good test for us. We will try to please the fans. Bohdan Butko and Artem Doubek will work today in the General group. Butko is a little sick, he had food poisoning. Yesterday he had a light workout, but today it will work in full force, and we will determine its condition. Have Dubica was little damage. Now the doctors said that everything is fine, so he too is in the ranks.”

“Eugene Linnet had virtually no match practice at Schalke, but he is in good physical condition. He will also have a chance to prove themselves. For us the match against Malta is an important game in terms of preparation for the match with Finland, because we will try to give the play all the performers,” said Shevchenko.

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