Patriarch Kirill criticizes opponents of transfer of temples of the Church of the intelligentsia

*** He emphasizes that the Church is able to adequately monitor the safety of transferred to her temples

Moscow. June 5. INTERFAX – Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill has criticized opponents of the transfer of the temples of the Church.

“Today, when some intellectuals say that it is impossible the Church to convey anything, they can not cope, can not keep, restore all these voices does not pursue the goals they declare. Another goal – that was not the Church in places marked talent of builders, architects and artists to the Church was on the periphery of life,” the Patriarch said on Monday after the blessing of the Moscow Trinity Church in Troitse-Lykovo and the Liturgy in it.

As he said, these people need to bring to places like this, “to see the pictures to see what the state and the guardians of contemporary culture brought to this place, and today would have looked like the Church of their own feeble power is restored”.

The Patriarch recalled how the churches in the Soviet years marked a sign “protected by the state” and in ruins, “today, the renovated first Church, her children, benefactors, religious people”.

He noted that in recent years, the government began to promote the Church in the restoration of religious monuments, and the Church in Troitse-Lykovo “is witnessing such a wonderful collaboration of Church and state.”

“And no one comes to mind that, by becoming an active Church, it will lose its form, or it will not care, or there is some other damage to the architecture or the restored painting. Everyone understands that, while there is prayer, there is a growing concern about the walls, and painting, and of all the beauty that we have inherited from their pious ancestors, which were ruined including with the assistance of the state and which is now the Church and state are restored,” – said the Primate.

Church in Troitse-Lykovo was built 1698-1703, by order of uncle Peter I of Martemyan Naryshkin. This is one of several churches in Moscow, built in the style of Naryshkin Baroque. She is now the yard of the Pokrovsky convent in the capital.