No right to appeal: KOBOLEV said that the decision of the Stockholm court is not subject to appeal, and Ukraine has acquired the right to enforce

Head of the NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Andrey KOBOLEV reported that Ukraine has the right to enforce compensation for damage caused to the Russian company “Gazprom” in case it refuses to implement the decision of the Stockholm court.

This was the head of the national company Naftogaz said in a broadcast on Ukrainian television, commenting on the decision of the court in Stockholm regarding the controversy of “Naftogaz” and “Gazprom”, reports “Economic Truth”.

Andriy KOBOLEV has stressed that a formal decision of the court concerns not the Russian Federation, specifically “Gazprom”, which can execute or not to execute the decision. However, he explained that, according to the decision of the Stockholm court, Ukraine will receive the right to enforce the payment of compensation from “Gazprom” in case of failure of the last execution of the judgment.

“This decision formally applies not Russian Federation and “Gazprom”, so the formal entity required to execute or not to execute the court’s decision is “Gazprom” If “Gazprom” refuses to implement the decision, then Ukraine gets the right to implement that decision in a compulsory way in all jurisdictions, ” – said KOBOLEV.

In addition, the head of “Naftogaz” reported that the decision of this court cannot be revised. Possible appeals regarding the procedure of its adoption, however, is not its essence.

“The decision will not be reviewed … Any party may appeal regarding the decision, but this appeal can only be about the process, not in fact. The essence of the decision is not revised,” – said KOBOLEV.

We will remind that on 31 may the court of arbitration Stockholmgamlastan the claim “Naftogaz of Ukraine” against Russian “Gazprom”, which, according to Andrey KOBOLEV will allow Ukraine to gaspe a much lower price in the case of recovery of relations with “Gazprom”.