In Kislovodsk has consecrated all the mineral springs

Moscow. June 5. INTERFAX – Archbishop Theophylact of Pyatigorsk and Cherkessk made in the city-resort of Kislovodsk consecration of the waters of all mineral springs, the press service of the local diocese.

“A prayer of blessing and consecration of waters has acquired a special significance for our city, and it is impossible to overestimate, because in this prayer we ask the Lord to grant his blessing to those waters that God created here, in our home, the blessings of the Caucasus. We pray for our homes and cities, about the people who come to see us. We pray for those who here draws both physical and spiritual health, update their conscience,” said the Hierarch at the ceremony in the Narzan gallery.

He wished a successful holiday season.

“Now, it’s summer time, many of our fellow citizens, especially children, come here to rest. And God forbid that they found here what they want: health, the relief, the joy of communication,” added the Archbishop.

He also consecrated the mineral springs of Zheleznovodsk.

The tradition of blessing the blessing of water takes its beginning from 1858, when Saint Ignatius, Bishop of Caucasus and the black sea, consecrated water of the lake Proval in Pyatigorsk. After the 1917 revolution, the tradition was interrupted and revived in 2011 with the blessing of Archbishop Theophylact.