The shocking shooting of people in Russia: invited to the house electrician shot and killed 8 people, at victims had no chance at salvation

Confrontations between individuals over a terrible tragedy in the Tver region, where invited to the house electrician shot of the home owners and their guests.

The dead were 2 women and six men, their wounds
was incompatible with life, according to “Диалог.UA” with reference to “Russian conversation”.

It is reported that in the house where the tragedy occurred in the village
Redkino, for the work was invited by an electrician. Between him and the owners of the house first
broke a verbal altercation, which later turned into a bloody murder.

After the conflict the man from somewhere brought a gun, and then
opened fire on his assailants and witnesses, who at the time were
the place of the accident.

About the murderer is known at the moment what he’s 45 years old and he
not from the local community.

Also according to some reports revealed that he previously not
was brought to trial, however, at the time of the murder
was in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

The village sent a large group of investigators who
will work to identify all causes of the terrible tragedy.

Recall that in Moscow for days, there was a conflict between
competing factions of the terrible. In the shootout, was killed 2 people,several seriously injured.