In Moscow found the body of 9 victims of the killer-elektrika from Moscow: investigators said, where it found a dead woman

The body 9 of the victims with gunshot wounds were found during the inspection of the crime scene. The murdered was a woman that after the massacre the criminal stuck in the trunk of a car.

Thus, kolichestvo domestic conflict in the village
that has increased to 9 people, according to “Диалог.UA”.

Official representative SK the Russian Federation Svetlana Petrenko said,
the killer knew his victims, he is for a few hours before the shooting
drank alcoholic beverages on the territory of garden Association “50 years
October” in which he worked as an electrician.

Conflict happens inside the country house, then the killer
gone but then appeared again and in such a terrible way of revenge for the offense in
the time of the scandal.

Petrenko added that the personalities of all
the victims and the police on the scene called those affected who
managed to run out of the house.

Earlier it was reported that during pressreleases 3 people who when shooting miraculously out of the room.

Add that to the killer of 45 years,he previously convicted resident