“I will show you how to shoot”: the killer of 9 people that were horrified by the testimony, mass media published the first photos of Sergey Egorov

Yesterday, June 3, the eve of Trinity in cottage settlement “50 years of October” in the village of Redkino, Tver region, was attended by many members of the partnership. Someone wanted nature to celebrate the holiday, someone was doing in the garden. No one could not imagine that in one of the houses bloody drama played out, the victims of which will be 9 people.

The company where it all happened,
had more than 10 truckers, 45-year-old Sergey Yegorov, here is a little known, but
still invited to the gatherings, according to “Диалог.UA”.

When gardeners already have a good drink, there was a scandal on the grounds of
prisannewitz that he served in the airborne. These words are not believed:
the partnership Egorov was most recently the military was not similar absolutely
the village lived together with 90-year-old mother.

“I killed them all because they began to say that I
did not serve in the airborne. I told them that I served, and they laughed,” admitted
after the arrest of the killer.

These words so touched that he left the company, but
a few minutes later came again with a carbine “saiga” in the hands.

“Now I’ll show you how I can shoot,” –
said drunk Egorov and directed the muzzle at people.

No one even anything to think not
time. A deafening shot – and one of the rest fell down dead. All
rushed from the house in all directions. But Egorov continued to methodically shoot them.

Participants of the gatherings ran away, but the killer is so
shoot straight even when drunk, people were falling down dead.

When to the place of execution arrived, the district and local
the inspector of traffic police, they saw Egorov in the yard and strips the corpses and puts them
next.The murderer was caught when he gave up his weapons and took up
the next corpse.

“Egorov weapons owned legally” –
told the head a press-services UMVD across the Tver region Vadim Levshin.

Neighbors of the victims in the horror and don’t understand why people are so
ruthlessly shot.Gardeners said that among the victims were a husband and wife who have
is left the daughter-the student.

People have shared that for the first time Egorova in the cooperative saw 10
may, he made a good impression, no inappropriate behavior behind him
no one noticed.

Recall that initially, coalsales 8 victims of drunken murderers. But on the morning of 4 June, the operatives, after initial examination of the scene of an emergency,
the trunk of a car found 9 victim – it was a woman with gunshot wounds.