The DPRK got a mirror, “hi”: trump in response to the threat of Pyongyang successfully tested a ballistic missile interceptor (pictures)

May 30 in the US for the first time conducted a successful drill to intercept an Intercontinental missile systems. These tests were a response to the growing threat from North Korea.

The Pentagon, the missile to intercept Intercontinental ballistic missiles were
launched from an airbase in California. A shell hit the training missile, which was launched
with the Marshall Islands to the coast of the USA, transfers “Диалог.UA”. The target was
affected as a result of “direct confrontation”.

From the beginning of 2017
year, North Korea conducted multiple missile tests, threatening the security
not only Russia and Japan but also the United States. Against the background of military activation, Korea Washington
made the decision to deploy in South Korea missile defense system and strengthen its military