A gruesome murder in Russia: the young mother threw the newborn in a trash can and reported it via social media

The killer may 30 pillow strangled a newborn boy, and then, throwing the body of a baby in the package, went outside. Throwing the kid into one of the trash cans, the woman quietly returned home.

Then she wrote in my social networks
civil wife of the murder of a child, fled in an unknown direction
reports “Диалог.UA”.

It tetsusiega boy and told
the police and the terrible murder of a child. He came home from work and
do not finding your son’s home and his mother immediately called the police.

The murderer is already detained, the question on her
arrest appointed tacuabe-psychiatric examination

In the Tula management SK the Russian Federation noted that the body
a newborn is not found.

Earlier it was reported how in Russia the employee of the Ministry of foreign Affairs
Henchal shot 5-letni daughter and her mother and then killed himself after committing the bloody crime.