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I often read through G2, before the paper, therefore, first read Sam Wollaston in the review of the Sunday night television of the production of The Handmaid’s tale. He pointed out that the history of the line from the not so ordinary becomes the ordinary rings loud and true today. And then I turned to the home page and saw your photo of two smiling girls taken in a photo posing with two police officers armed to the teeth in the Great Manchester Run. Who thought to do that it was a good idea? Very cold.Andrew McKeonOtley, West Yorkshire

• It is useful to remember that the general election held on the 50th anniversary of A Whiter Shade of Pale at the top of the charts (Letters, May 26). How very appropriate, since the song shares a major characteristic with the Tory manifesto: no one has the slightest idea of either.Alan HealeyBishop Castle, Shropshire

• Is it that You Are Experienced, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, a masterpiece that helped the summer of 1967 roll along? Ripe for a 50th anniversary, too, with a book and a series of falls.Malcolm StewartEdinburgh

• I like the idea of the Marine Conservation Society “plastic challenge” (Could you cut out plastic from your weekly shop? A family tried, May 27) . I chose Saturday as my first regular day to forego single-use plastic. There is a slight problem: as the Guardian insists on the packaging of its Weekend Guide to supplements in a plastic bag. I’m not going to be able to buy the paper, the Saturday from now on. Sorry about that.Richard ShippPresteigne, Powys

• This is a bit worrying for the Church of England, I think, when the former Archbishop warns that the leadership of a messiah (Williams warns against the filming of “messianic” leadership, May 22).Jane GhoshBristol

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