“This is ka**n, who will stop the madness, the arrival of a strong, God forbid, to survive”: stunned by the morning attacks, “DPR”, the inhabitants of Krasnogorovka are reporting live under fire

According to the latest data in the result of the barbaric shelling of Krasnohorivka, injured three people. It’s two women and one man. The shelling is still ongoing, there are numerous and serious destruction of houses.

The representative of national police doneckoi region Natalia Shiman in Facebook
he wrote that injured 2 seniors
women, the patients of the local hospital which was the enemy’s shells, according to

According to Siman, 7 damaged houses on the streets of Nakhimov
Tolstoy. Mayakovsky.

“Direct fire damaged school No. 2, burned
to the roof,” said the policewoman.

The head of the Donetsk OVGA Paul zhebrivskyi said that the fire in
school eliminated, where necessary, rescuers continue the evacuation

Occupation forces shelled Krasnogorovka from “Gradov”,
tanks and mortars.