Akhmetov: we Will not sell very expensive, and very very expensive

Akhmetov said that the miner is not going to only sell players, and that if someone leaves, then in its place will come a new strong player.

“Let’s see if we have someone to leave, and if someone leaves, someone must come. My position is that the miner must be strong, and all transfers are supposed to make us stronger.”

“Taison, Marlos, Fred — all of them are very expensive. Clubs who want to buy them, will not hesitate to immediately go into a pocket. Now we sell not just very expensive, and very very expensive. We need to go, we need to negotiate and do not be shy with the suggestions, because we need the money”, — said the President of the orange and black in an interview with the Great football.

Recall that in the current season Shakhtar became the champion of Ukraine and won the Cup.