The armed forces of Ukraine will receive new high-level fighters, attack planes and bombers

The army is increasing its combat potential and ready for new challenges.

military pilots will enjoy the new combat vehicles. This year in their
available will be new and modernized aircraft MiG-29,
Su-27, su-25, su-24 bombers, and combat training aircraft L-39, preredat Agency “UNIAN”

Information about the replenishment was first announced
at a press briefing in the capital from the mouth to the head of communications and press Ministry of defense of Ukraine
Oksana Havryliuk.

“The air force APU
continue to increase your combat abilities. So, this year the priority
purposes command Air forces, rebuilding infrastructure, revising
places of deployment of military units to meet modern safe environment
the gradual transition of the management bodies of the Air force on
J-structure, which is adopted in the countries – members of NATO, as well as intensification
combat training of the Air force, procurement, repair, and
modernization of weapons and military equipment,” said Gavrilyuk.

In addition, Gavrilyuk told that essentially
increased the number of military aircraft firing on the ranges, for the preparation of our
“Sokolov,” and trainers have attracted foreign upscale