Russia should prepare for the worst: published a scathing Declaration of the G7 summit on toughening sanctions against Russia over the Donbass

Countries “big seven” is ready to not only preserve, but also to take additional measures to increase the financial losses of Russia for the Kremlin’s actions against Ukraine in the Donbas. This is stated in the final Declaration of the summit of leaders of the countries “big seven”, which this afternoon was published online.

The document officially refutes rumors
disseminated by Russian media about the possibility of easing the sanctions regime
for Russia.

Moreover, the outcome document contains hard
the wording on the continuation of the current sanctions regime, as well as high
the probability of tightening for the refusal of Russia to fulfill the Minsk road map
agreements and refusal to respect the sovereignty of Ukraine.

The final document has not spared and the issue of military
the occupation of the Crimea – in the Declaration it is reported that the countries “the seven”
committed to non-recognition of the annexation of the Crimea, speaking on the side
inviolability of borders of Ukraine and its territorial integrity.

The document notes that the only way of removing
sanctions against Russia lies within the framework of the implementation of commitments that clearly
prescribed in the Minsk agreements.

Earlier, Poroshenko discussed with the head of
European Council the extension of sanctions otnosheniyami Federation.