“The father of the people DNR” Zakharchenko boasted successes of the insurgents: “We use the “creeping offensive” and seized more APU!”

After reports about the victories of fighters ATO in Donetsk direction and taking control of new territories, the leader of “DNR” Alexander Zakharchenko broke down and said that his mercenaries took more land.

Otomi that the occupants use the tactic of “creeping attack”,
Zakharchenko said on may 26, reports “Диалог.UA”.

“Yes, there are moments when they capture new territory. “Gray
zone”. This applies to the same DFS (Donetsk filtering station – ed.) They
captured it as it was another truce, they went there and stayed. But the loss,
they are proportional to m, which they took control.
We use this creeping attack. And if we take the distance we
more,” he said.

In social networks, his words have raised a laugh, Recalling and
a big hole in the “budget of the Republic” and a large number of cases of desertion
fighters and huge losses in the Donetsk carefully concealed.

Previously Zakharchenko said that three years nasadenie not robbed Metro shopping centre,
and today it“tax” raids two markets in the city.