Manchester United can be improved to compete with the elite | Jamie Jackson

1 Strengthen the team

As the manager recruits in the transfer window will be key, and the priority is a top-class goalscorer. Antoine Griezmann has 27 goals for Atlético Madrid this season. Everton is Romelu Baggies he scored 25 in the Premier League. Ideally, the manager would like to be: the Baggies to be the spearhead in the form of a Didier Drogba at Chelsea, or Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Griezmann to play with him or Marcus Rashford – as Mourinho has reservations on Jesse Lingard, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Anthony Martial. In midfield, Michael Carrick is 36 in the month of July so that the support is necessary for Ander Herrera, Paul Pogba and Marouane toffees responded. Another central defender may also be on the list, as this season, Chris Shake, Phil Jones, Eric Bailly and Marcos Rojo were almost never available at the same time, due to a variety of injuries. Daley Blind performed well in the position in the Europa League, but the sense is that of Shake and Jones could leave.

Wayne Rooney: “I have made up my mind on my future and have a lot of offers

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2 press and Hold down on David de Gea

Equally crucial is that Mourinho buys is if you can keep the Spaniard at the club. David de Gea is a case to be the world’s best goalkeeper and has just returned with another flawless campaign. If you were starting this would leave a particularly difficult hole to fill. Real Madrid continues to be lurking and it will be a surprise if we are not trying to get the 26-year-old away. The club have been here before, of course, as De Gea almost left in the summer of 2015. “We are in a situation that is not favorable for David de Gea, but neither for us nor for the club, maybe he wants to go [to],” Louis van Gaal, the former manager, said at the time. De Gea feeling would not have changed in such a way that it can be difficult for Mourinho to keep him.
3 Score

In a nutshell, that is the reason why United finished only sixth in the Premier League, 24 points behind Chelsea and has scored 54 times in 85 Antonio Conte’s champions. The account is just five more than Van Gaal’s side managed 12 months ago. This is in part a function of Mourinho’s defense-first approach, and also the lack of a regular goalscorer in support of Ibrahimovic, who has hit 28 before a knee injury. As Wayne Rooney said: “The manager makes us so difficult to beat and in the hope of getting a goal or two to win the game.” The good news is that United states offer more in attack-the danger of Van Gaal and if Pogba, Lingard, Mkhitaryan and Martial, had been the most clinical of many of the 15 league draws might have been wins. In a close up of the Champions League in the knockout stage of a lethal striker could be the difference.
4 Move the ball faster

The prevailing criticism of Mourinho States is that they can be laborious in their approach to Van Gaal. Privately, Mourinho could say that this is because some of its players are not yet accomplished enough for a slick-quick style. A hint is dropped regarding who the manager believes is missing when, in describing Rashford as being able to “cope with the pressure,” he omitted to mention the Martial, Mkhitaryan and Lingard. “For me, the most difficult thing is the mentality fragile”, the manager says. “It’s probably my weakness that is difficult for me to understand people with a different mentality than I have. It takes me time to understand and sometimes they are not able to feel attracted again [the reader]. Because for me, I want to be in love with the player, with this character, this personality and that kid Marcus is the best example of it, especially in this club”.

José Mourinho must find a way to get more players moving the ball with pace and verve of marcus Rashford, to the right. Photograph: Martin Meissner/AP

5 Avoid large changes

Mourinho has the right to a if-you-don’t-break-just-tweak-it approach, as it closes the season with two trophies – EFL Cup and Europa League – and has returned United to the Champions League group stage after Van Gaal’s failure to finish in fourth place. This is the first time that you will need to play a qualifying tie to take part in the competition proper since David Moyes inherited the team of Sir Alex Ferguson, the champions of 2012-13. Europa League success will mean Mourinho has won four European trophies – two Champions Leagues and two Uefa Cups/Europa League. “I think he knows,” Rooney says. “Having this season with him, I saw how it works. I think we are progressing as a team and a club, and I’m sure there will be many more.”