Died the Queen of cashmere, Laura Biagiotti, the media reported that he had hastened the deaths of world-famous designer

Laura Biagiotti, died in Rome on 74-m to year of life. Queen of cashmere came last Wednesday in hospital as a result of an acute heart attack.

After world investigateers Biagiotti was hospitalized, her heart stopped, said “Dialogue.

As writes Corriere della Sera, the doctors were able to restore cardiac
activities and long fought for the life of a celebrity, but in the end, the doctors stated the death of a cashmere Queen.

Biagiotti, born in the family of designer 4 Aug 1943
in Rome. She received a doctorate in archaeology in Rome
University and began working in the family firm for the manufacture of
ready-to-wear. In 1972 he established his own firm Laura Biagiotti

Since the early 80s, Biagiotti began to create her own perfume
it has opened nearly 600 stores worldwide.

Biagiotti also known for his passion for painting along with
husband she gathered the most unique and priceless collection Giacoma Points.

In addition, the designer donated a lot to charity
and spared no expense on the restoration of landmark architectural monuments of Italy.

Earlier media reports cited a number of reasons, materiaaleista death cult by George Michael.

Singer, recall,was found dead in his mansion.