The icy Russian film that wowed Cannes

Russian director Andrei Zvyangintsev of the film Leviathan has been a success when it played at the Cannes film Festival in 2014, and he even got an Oscar nomination for best foreign language picture. This is the story of a man at the mercy of the corruption of officials in Russia, and, although it has been celebrated abroad, it has been very controversial at home.

Zvyangitsev new movie, without love, which has played to great success at the Cannes film festival this year, is a less overtly political of the case. On the surface, it deals with an unhappy couple whose son goes missing, while their relationship is reduced to nil. But behind this, there are still some clear criticism of Russia is broken institutions – the family, the media and the police.

BBC Culture Matthew Anderson takes a look at a film at the festival to talk about as a possible winner of Cannes ‘ top prize, the Palme d’or.

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