Donald Trump dates back to the Vatican to meet with Pope Francis as “an honor”

Donald Trump, Pope Francis met in the Vatican on the third stop of his first foreign trip as U.S. President, a year after a public clash, what it means to be a Christian.

The hastily arranged get-together featured a discussion on health care and immigration, and a light-hearted exchange between the Pope and Melania Trump, whether you are fed, your husband is a popular type of the Slovenian home-made cake.

The opening of the exchange between the Pope and the President, disagree on issues of the need to combat global warming to the openness and Integration of migrants of all religions – which began on an unusually somber note, with the Pope, not with his usual warmth and cheerfulness.

Francis, the President signaled that it is best to talk out of the earshot of reporters and cameras quickly led out of the papal library, where the two had a 29-minute chat with only a translator present. Trump could be heard, saying it was an honour for the Pope.

Photos after the meeting, a somber-looking Pope showed, in contrast to the smiles when Francis Trump was the predecessor of Barack Obama.

Pope Francis greets the trump card. Photo: AFP/Getty

The discussion was described as “cordial” in a statement by the Holy see, said: “satisfaction was expressed” for the good of US in relationship with the Vatican and their “joint commitment in favor of life, and the freedom of religion and freedom of conscience”.

“It is to be hoped that the cheerful cooperation between the state and the Catholic Church in the United States, engaged in the service of the people in the areas of health, education, and support for immigrants,” the statement said.

Left unsaid was the fact that the Trump administration’s policies were condemned to migrants, by Francis allies in the United States, including Joe Tobin, the Archbishop of Newark, New Jersey.

They also discussed about the events of the world, including inter-religious dialogue and peace in the Middle East, with a focus on the protection of the Christians.

At the end of the half-hour private meeting, as soon as the door to the library was opened, Francis seemed more chipper. At the meeting of the first lady, he asked her if she fed her husband potica, the Pope most popular Slovenian dessert. A translator will then be asked to Melania: “What are you giving him to eat?”. It was unclear whether the first lady’s remark to mind, and seemed to say: “pizza?”, before you smile and respond, “Yes”.

The Pope goes to Ivanka and Melania Trump. Photo: Alessandra Tarantino/EPA

Trump was led, in the frescoed halls of the Vatican with Melania – dressed in a traditional black dress and veil, such as user-defined, but not necessarily to walk a few meters behind him.

“It’s not like the Trump Tower in New York,” a German Archbishop Georg geese wine, can be overheard to Trump joke, as the President of entourage mixed in a Vatican lift.

As usual, the two exchanged gifts. Trump offered the Pope a large box, which he said was full to the brim of books by Martin Luther King.

“This is a gift for you,” Trump was overheard saying. “I think you will enjoy. I hope you do.”

Francis has shown Trumpf is a large medallion, an olive branch, a symbol of peace, replied the President: “We can be the peace.” The medallion is traditionally offered to politicians, although the symbol varies.

Pope Francis exchanges gifts with Donald and Melania Trump. Photo: Evan Vucci/AFP/Getty

The Pope offered Trump some of his recent writings (encyclicals), including his work on the need to protect the environment. “Well, I’m going to you said to read,” Trump.

As the President left the room, he expressed gratitude to the man he once considered a disgrace for questioning his faith. The dispute referred to Trump’s proposal to build the wall between Mexico and the United States – a policy of the Pope had said, was not a Christian.

It’s pizza? No, it’s potica: the Pope is Melania Trump food for thought

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“Thank you, thank you, I will not forget what you have said,” Trump said in his words of farewell.

The President then spoke with Pietro Parolin, the Vatican’s head of Parliament, for almost an hour, where more specific policy questions were discussed.

The President and the first lady were with a tour through the Sistine chapel, according to the Melania a children’s hospital visited in Rome, while Ivanka toured the Sant ‘ Egidio charity.

Trump, who flies to Brussels on Wednesday for a Nato summit wrap-up his tour on Friday at the G7 summit in Sicily.

Melania Trump at the Bambino Gesù children’s hospital. Photo: Remo Casilli/AP