“There were 38 in March. The youngest 18 and the oldest 58 years”, – Butusov of the fallen fighters of the APU

Well-known Ukrainian journalist and blogger Yury Butusov on his page in the social network published a post about Heroes, APU, who died in the struggle against Russia in March 2017.

Just from enemy strikes killed 38 Ukrainians: the oldest was 58 years old and the youngest is 18, according to “Диалгог.UA”. Of the dead – two soldiers of the volunteer corps Rupinski Alexei and Dmitry Sumskoy. They are the official statistics have not been included, but the state should take care of their families.

Butusov in his post once again reminds both the government and the citizens of Ukraine about the fact that while we sit in the warmth and comfort of thousands APU fighters are fighting with the aggressor, preventing him to set foot on the new territory of our country. Ukrainian soldiers are dying in this war, and all that remains of their families and loved ones is memory. “Their face is the face of our independence and freedom. Eternal respect. We will not forget”, – Butusov wrote.

Earlier “Диалог.UA” reported that militants vegetabley Zaitsev and Mallorcan from Gorlovka, and the Russian command will conduct a test of the Donbass новых152-mm artillery guided shells.