The occupation of Ukraine and sanctions have broken the economy of Russia, official statistics of incomes of Russians was shocked by their fall was accelerated three times

Despite claims of “most polite” of the President about the resumption of income growth, the real statistics say otherwise – in Russia accelerated sharply falling living standards.

Rosstat reported shocking for Russia data: real disposable monetary incomes of the population in April 2017 fell by 7.6%, reports “Диалог.UA”.

Also stresses that recorded statistics the recession was a record since August 2016 and was 4.5 times deeper than expected (1.7 percent).

In comparison with March, the collapse of incomes of Russians accelerated 3.3-fold and became the third largest over the past eight years.

In April of this year, the average income of a citizen of the Russian Federation amounted to 30493 rubles, which is 962 rubles less than in April 2016.

According to official statistics, poorer especially the poor – pensioners and recipients of social benefits.

In 55% of the population, wages do not exceed 25 thousand rubles, and the third is below 15 thousand rubles.

The experts of the Analytical credit rating agencies claim that the decline in the living standards in Russia in the economy generates a vicious circle: the decline in real costs of some economic agents leads to a fall in the incomes of others, and last, reducing consumption, stimulate a further drop in income first.

Experts believe that this year the decline in living standards in Russia will continue on the background of stagnation of the economy: incomes will fall another 0.2%, and the pre-crisis level will not be released even after 5 years.

Predictions for 2021-the year following: the rate will be 7.5% below the marks 2013.

Independent experts emphasize that the decline in living standards of Russians to blame for the first government of the Kremlin headed by Putin.

As previously reported,straniak and the Russian Federation capitulated to slate US.

At the same time well-known politicosocial hard truth about the future of Russia.