Remain for money, “R*****th world” no one does not want to build in the Donbas militants are all bad, intelligence reported the latest details

Pro-Russian mercenaries and “itemname” attempted desertion, not to be at the forefront of the terrorists and not to be killed or wounded.

The deterioration
the morale of the separatists says state intelligence Ministry of defense
Of Ukraine in Facebook, reports “Dialog. UA”.

According to intelligence,
recently dramatically increased the number techweek that in the case of aggravation
environment intend to retire from service or to avoid being sent to advanced

Mercenaries openly Express
the desire of desertion, because they don’t want injuries and death.

While for terrorists
the only condition which they somehow keeps in the ranks of the executioners,
is the potential of earnings as other ways to support themselves, many
there is no terrorist.

Earlier fighters ATO
told ceprotin APU in the area of the mine Butovka fighting no not the miners, and well-trained specialists.

It was also reported that clobevate cynically opened fire on cars carrying civilians who went to Krasnogorovka.