Media reported that in Jerusalem, the tramp settled in the room-bomb shelter

(updated: 04:27 21.05.2017) 17153453934 © AP Photo / Susan WalshPresident of the United States Donald trump. Archival photo NBC.

According to TV channel, the number of the trump hotel King David built so that even in the case of the destruction of the whole building, the room will remain intact and people who are in apartments, will get broken.

The hotel Manager Sheldon Ritz also said that the room equipped with special ventilation, which protects the US President from a gas attack.

The protection of trump will involve balloons with built-in infrared cameras and robots, which are designed to detect explosive devices.

Food and beverages for the US President and his entourage will test American and Israeli experts, and the number of police officers who will provide security motorcade trump, will be more than ten thousand people.