The former head of the FBI Komi will tell about the Kremlin’s meddling in the elections of the President of the United States – Russia eagerly await the outcome of the investigation

Of James Comey will testify before the intelligence Committee about the intervention of the Russian Federation in the presidential elections in the United States of America. About it writes “Диалог.UA” citing “Voice of America”.

The former Director of the Federal Bureau of investigation James Komi has agreed to make a public statement about the intervention of the Kremlin hackers in the presidential election campaign.

This was announced by the leaders of the Senate intelligence Committee, which will announce the date of the hearing upon the return of Congress from a short holiday on the occasion of memorial Day (may 29).

“I hope Komi will explain to the American people, recent events so widely reported by the media”, – said the head of the Committee Republican Senator Richard ber.

However, his colleague, democratic Senator mark Warner also expressed the hope that the details become known of these events: “I hope that the testimony of former FBI Director Komi will help you find answers to some questions that arose after the President unexpectedly fired the Komi Republic”.

The message about the planned speech of Komi in the Senate came after a relatively tumultuous week in Washington politics.

Note that The New York Times attributed the President Trump the following words: “I just fired the head of the FBI. It was crazy, really crazy. I was very pressed with the question of Russia. Now the pressure is dropped.” According to the publication, trump also had to say that he was “not under investigation”.

We will remind, earlier “Диалог.UA” reported that relationships trump and are all investigating the former head of the FBI, the successor who was recently fired American President.