In Transnistria, a real hysteria: “the authorities” urgently summoned “the Council” and count losses after the landmark decision, Ukraine

The “power” of Transnistria in panic gathered “the security Council” after Ukraine banned the transit of food products “of the Republic” through Ukrainian territory.

For this reason itmr held an emergency meeting, reports “Диалог.UA”.

“The Minister of agriculture and natural resources” efimy Koval said that they received a letter from the state service of Ukraine on issues of food safety and consumer protection, which they were warned about the prohibition of the transit of goods to Transnistria through Ukraine.

The letter States that from 20 may, the transit of goods from Transnistria will be terminated and all agreements on the harmonization of transportation of goods will be void.

Smith stressed that now “the Republic” hard times will come, as this decision will hurt the region’s economy and food supply MRE.

It is also reported that in case the goods will not be allowed into the port, the Transnistrian economic entities will be forced to store them on stratstone.

“And to pay demurrage on the territory of Ukraine. And this is not small money”,
– added the Transnistrian “Minister”.

Earlier Transnistria received a harsh warning from Kiev about the effects that proizoidet the case of Tiraspol to the Russian Federation for military support.

Also add that on the prohibition of transit on the transportation of products from the IPP through its territory,Ukraine second side warned in advance.