Official: Marinakis — the new owner of Nottingham forest

English football League approved the acquisition of Nottingham forest Evangelos Marinakis. Owning more and Olympiacos Marinakis convinced the League that he can be trusted with the management of a two-time winner of the Champions Cup. The five-year reign in Nottingham Fawaz al Hasawi now officially ended.

In a situation with Marination execution rules according to which to own an English club can only be a person with a spotless reputation, was not a mere formality. In Greece the owner of the team was accused of match-fixing, bribery and intimidation of judges and ties to criminal organizations. The home of Marinakis in the end completely justified, and he himself in an interview with the BBC said that all the accusations nothing more than the machinations of the envious.

Marinakis has promised that the team, which, according to him, worthy of a place among the elite of English football, a bright future, and coach mark Warburton, who led the Foresters in March, and saved them from relegation to League 1 only in the last round (forest ahead of Blackburn in the standings only on goal difference and goals conceded), will work in the club for years.

In January, interest in the acquisition of Nottingham forest showed investors from the US, but then the deal never took place.