Cannes may up with the times?

The curtain rose at the Cannes film festival with the spirit of the Arno Depleschin Ismael – but this is the opening movie didn’t go down well with the critics. In conversation with Tom Brooke and Agnes Poirier, culture, bi-Bi-si film critic Nicholas Barber says that she found it a bit of a mess. And although Agnes agrees, she thinks that maybe you have to be French to get it.

The festival at the very beginning: Tom, Agnes and Nicholas look forward to? Tom Brooke has high hopes for flesh and sand Oscar-winning Mexican Director Alejandro gonzález iñárritu is the first virtual reality sometime in the official selection in Cannes. The TV will also feature new episodes of “twin Peaks,” and lake superior on the line. Does this mean that Cannes is often perceived to be a more traditional point of view cinema is getting with the program? Watch this video to see the team bi-Bi-si to discuss.